DIY Geiger Counter Kit Nuclear Radiation Detector for Arduino / fits iPhone

DIY Geiger Counter Kit Nuclear Radiation Detector for Arduino / fits iPhone
DIY Geiger Counter Kit Nuclear Radiation Detector for Arduino / fits iPhone
DIY Geiger Counter Kit Nuclear Radiation Detector for Arduino / fits iPhone
DIY Geiger Counter Kit Nuclear Radiation Detector for Arduino / fits iPhone
DIY Geiger Counter Kit Nuclear Radiation Detector for Arduino / fits iPhone

DIY Geiger Counter Kit Nuclear Radiation Detector for Arduino / fits iPhone

Original Assembled Radiation Detector DIY Kit ver. Compatible with Arduino UNO and iPad Geiger Bot. Electronic kit to drive Geiger tube (tube not included). Pcb color: green or blue. Original, high quality and power efficient 3-rd edition of our Nuclear Radiation DIY Detector Kit.

The kit is a classic type detector with several expandable options. Can drive STS-5, SBM20, J305 or LND-712 Geiger tubes on the PCB. Has voltage compatibility with many popular GM Tubes that requires anode voltage 400-500V. The board has visual and sound indication of the radiation and can be used as detector of dangerous radiation levels or radioactive materials in your environment.

Excellent cheap solution for Arduino COSM monitoring station. Good kit for MCU software developers who just want to drive Geiger Tube for their own software.

Include PDF manual with instruction and Arduino code example. The kit is compatible with our Windows data logging software "Radiation Logger" via Arduino SPI. Now it also support direct connection to Apple iPhone or iPad for Geiger Bot application. The board has special 3.5mm TRRS audio jack that supports 4-pole cable connection to iPad or iPhone.

Please note, the iPad TRRS 3.5mm jack pinout is different from audio headphones (headphones are not supported). You also need to supply your own batteries and cables.

The kit you'll receive may have minor difference from the photo but will have same full functionality. Have any question or need help to download PDF manual? You are welcome to contact me! Geiger Tube PCB Compatibility: STS-5, SBM-20, J305, LND-712.

Geiger Tube Voltage Compatibility: 400V or 500V tubes. Supply Voltage: 4.5-5.5V.

Supply Current: 30uA-60uA (0.03mA-0.06mA) at background radiation. High Reliability up to 1mSv/h (1000uSv/h).

Arduino, PIC, AVR, MSP430 Compatible (TTL Logic Level output to drive microcontroller count input). TRRS Output Connector for Geiger Bot iPad / iPhone or Android. Radiation Logger Compatible (require Arduino UNO or similar). Dimensions: 120 x 50 mm. Benefits of original third edition.

Kit consumes less than 0.06mA at background, usually 0.035mA. Improved HV stability up to 1000uSv/h radiation load. More supported tubes, 400V and 500V range select. Tube over voltage protection, limiting HV spikes. Wide compatibility with different MCU for software developers.

TRRS 3.5mm socket for direct connection to iPad / iPhone Geiger Bot or Android (this is not for headphones). The PCB has 3 pins for communication with MCU: INT, GND, 5V. You can power up the kit from 5V Arduino board directly. Or, if you use batteries for Geiger Kit, you have to connect only 2 pins to Arduino: INT and GND.

The kit is compatible with our. Software, you can connect it via Arduino SPI to the computer. There are many different application you can use this kit, especially if you are software developer.

The board send 10uS high-low-high interrupts to Arduino. We offer simple sketch as an example in user manual, please modify it for your needs. By RH-Electronics or contact me to get files for Arduino or MSP430.

Actually its possible to use this kit with any other microcontroller, not only Arduino boards because it has the same principles, but if you are beginner it will be easy to start with Arduino. More techincal details can be found in PDF manual! The board is fully compatible with iPhone / iPad Geiger Bot application. Kit comes with installed TRRS socket and you can use 4-strip Apple audio cable to connect the device to Geiger Bot.

Because audio output has fixed 1ms pulse duration, we recommend to use Geiger Bot for monitoring background and testing low radiactive sources only. For high speed count please use a microcontroller with INT connection.

To set up right connection settings, please navigate Geiger Counter -> Custom GM Tubes -> I/O Settings. The following settings can be used for Arduino Geiger Kit third edition.

Auto-Adjust: OFF; RMS Window: 1; Delay Window: 18; VolumeThreshold: 10000; Sample Rate: 22050; Disable Measurement Mode: OFF; Hysteresis Filter: 0; Input Polarity: Negative Only; Wavelet Filter: OFF; Input Gain Control: 0.50; Ultrafast Rates: OFF. Selecting Power Source for the Kit. The Geiger kit has flexible options for powering. Since the board consumes very tiny current at background, all available options are good for your implementation with the final project.

The default option is to power the kit with 4x Ni-MH batteries to get 4.5-5.5 supply voltage range. For this method step-up is not required, JMP3 need to be installed. However, if your enclosure is small, you can use 5V step-up module and then even one 1.5V AAA battery can be used for powering. The PCB allows installation of Pololu NCP1402 step-up module when JMP3 need to be removed.

NCP1402 step-up is recommended, but you can wire any other modules to the board when using 3 wire connection: Vin, Gnd, Vout. Others hobby Arduino compatible DIY Geiger Kits from the market build with high voltage electrical circuit based on 555 timer IC. Even 555 HV converters are easy-to-build for beginners, it has several drawbacks: huge power consumptions, high voltage drops under load and no limiting of high voltage spikes. These were the reasons to refuse using 555 timer and redesign our electrical circuit for better specifications.

Our RH kit is power efficient board with amazing connectivity and expanded options. Our kit includes only high quality electronic components and professionally tested PCB board with installed SMD parts.

The product build with original electronic components supplied by DigiKey and others reputable sources, we do not use Chinese outlet components. We use only high quality and new packaging materials. All project components should be installed and soldered in proper polarity with proper connectors.

Please read carefully product title, description and include list. Some countries may take longer because of your country custom regulation rules or postal service. Online tracking system in Israel displays information with big delays, post website provide tracking info for reference only several days after your item was sent abroad! Required by your country for importing consumer goods! We cannot mark orders as "gift" or lower the values.

Accepted if you not started to solder/use device. In original package, including all components. The item "DIY Geiger Counter Kit Nuclear Radiation Detector for Arduino / fits iPhone" is in sale since Saturday, August 23, 2014.

This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\Test, Measurement & Inspection\Test Meters & Detectors\Radiation Detectors". The seller is "paodaff" and is located in Jerusalem. This item can be shipped worldwide.
DIY Geiger Counter Kit Nuclear Radiation Detector for Arduino / fits iPhone

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